I grew up in Nebraska but Los Angeles has been my home since Valentine's Day of 2007. I have a cat named Zero and a motorcycle named Maxine.
I'm currently leasing a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a studio emphasis on Graphic Design from the University of Nebraska ...with an option to buy.
I'm an entertainment Art Director/Graphic Designer that lives on Rock & Roll and kicking ass at bar trivia. Yeah buddy, I'm challenging you. Name your stakes.

Goals? I'm really just trying to enjoy this ride that we call life. I'd love to own a house someday just so I can have a workshop.
I just really love making shit. I design, I draw, I paint, I sew and I build things. I have notebooks full of ideas. Dozens of ideas for new products and clever improvements
on existing things. The right investor could potentially make millions. But hey, I'll just make them on my own when I get around to it and keep all of the profits. NBD.
All I really want to do is make and design awesome and useful stuff. Or, you know, just neat things that are aesthetically pleasing. Not into being a corporate drone.
Free time vs. big money? I'll go with free time and a happy mind.

Here is a recent article about me from my college alumni magazine. And here is my Resume. It says nothing about me as a human being. Also here is some stuff that I made:


For a year I designed these RIAA-Certified Custom Gold and Platinum Awards. Weird, right?! They fell into the hands and homes of the biggest names in music! Legends even!
I was stoked to actually meet a few of the artists I designed awards for! While there I also got their social media accounts up and running and built the webpage: jewelboxplatinum.com
Like everything I do, I made it my crusade to bring the entire medium (niche as it is) above and beyond the standards of the industry. Ask me about my innovations and industry firsts!
I also learned that the music business is a dark and slimy place. Too much pop and country, not enough Rock and Roll. More of this kind of work is on my Behance.

2012-2013 - BrandX with Russell Brand - HOLLYWOOD, CA

Oh man, this was fun! For 2 Seasons of the show BrandX with Russell Brand, a post-modern talk show on FX, I designed Graphics, Photoshop Jokes, Props and even worked with Russell
to come up with the Season 2 Identity Design. This job was AWESOME! Probably my favorite gig ever. Great hours! Craft service and espresso! I got to meet and work with some truly amazing people.
I even helped Russell procure homosexuals to confront the Westboro Baptist Church! I treasure this experience! The man himself was even nice enough to tweet me his 140 character job reference:

"TJ is a master of light and pixels. He is the Picasso of the digi-dimension.
Take off your trousers and give him a job."

-Russell Brand



For two years I helped my friend Chelsea with her magazine as Art Director / Graphic Designer / Layout Editor. I hired freelance designers that I thought showed promise and insisted on paying them for their efforts.
Unpaid interns? That educational slavery should be illegal! I also made a few show flyers and t-shirts for them. - High Voltage Magazine

2009-2012 - KAV & The Blaggers - Los Angeles/London, UK

When I'm not designing rad stuff, I dabble in Rock and Roll. I was hired with this band when a friend told me they were looking for a Van Driver for a West Coast tour with Norway's DATAROCK. While driving the van I realized that they could use someone to tour manage for them. I mean, someone has to ask the venue for the drink tickets?! After the first tour they found out that I could play a few instruments myself so I joined on as Bass/Synthesizer/Backing Vocals and eventually moved on to my more comfortable Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals. I also designed flyers, email blasts, and singles for the band. We even recorded a track on 2" Tape!


While in between tours I drove a cab in my Nebraska hometown for about 5 months and kept a secret photo blog about it on Tumblr. Let's just say you meet some pretty interesting people driving a cab in Grand Island, NE. There was the sage advice from the guy I would drive to dialysis that schooled me on keeping multiple girlfriends. And the drug dealers that would pull out a wad of $20s and stiff me on a tip. The Mexican-American teenagers that would make out in the back seat. The meth addict that looked like a blonde Joan Jett in her fifties but was in her twenties that gave me a $40 silver dollar as a tip. I could go on... I might just write a book.

2007-2009 - P.O.V. Entertainment Design - North Hollywood, CA
Home Entertainment Packaging, Key Art Design, Advertisements, Web Graphics and Copywriting. This was my 55 hours-a-week on entry-level straight-out-of-college salary for 2-years indentured servitude job. The kind that once you get off work all you want to do is drink until they demand you return. I did learn a lot from the Senior Art Directors at my time there. But mostly it just ate my soul. But hey, I worked on The Wire!


Various Freelance Projects - CDs, DVDs, Merch, Clothing, Web Graphics, Video Editing... I never turn down a new challenge. The weirder, the better!

DVD cover for Dead Lantern's OUTPOST DOOM! Available online and at a horror convention near you! Maxi Wild's EP "Who the FUCK is Maxi Wild?" available on iTunes  The Finder's "Finders Keepers" LP, Cheap Reward Records Nebraska Coast Connection - CORNHUSKER REPUBLIC T-Shirt

Paintings mostly for fun, gifts or charity. Click here and here for information on the Gibson's Guitartown "Serpent Sirena" Viper Room Les Paul. Currently on display in front of Pink Taco on the Sunset Strip.

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